Notice for Students

Sizen Education Consultancy offers best universities of Japan for your further study. We have connected with popular university of Japan where you can study quality education along with reasonable price.

  1. Student who do not have an original certificate / document to apply study visa to Japan, please don’t waste your time. Sorry for inconvenient.
  2. Those student who want to study in Japan, please study hard at home too, the time you study at our school it is not enough.
  3. Japan is only the country where you cannot get part time job without speaking Japanese language.
  4. Please attend your class regularly, if you miss the class it will be difficult for you.
  5. Please pay your monthly fee regularly.
  6. Try to learn Japanese Culture before you go to Japan which is very important.
  7. Be polite and gentle all the time because Japanese are very polite and gentle ( give respect and take respect ).
  8. Study Japanese Manner on daily life and on Work.
  9. Study how to keep clean your house and Surrounding and how to throw Garbage.
  10. Don’t forget you are in japan to study and make a better carrier in your further life. So don’t go wrong way, like a become refugee, get drunk on the street and shouting on the sensitive Area.
  11. These students are going to be Nepal’s image representative or face, if student will wrong or bad activity then all Nepal image will be the same and if student will give a good or nice performance then no doubt all Nepal will get good reputation.
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