Want to Study in Japan?

“We guide your dream.” Our excellence in Japanese language training has best influenced student exchange programs between Nepal and Japan. You all are welcome to our school and have a cool and hearty counseling and end your queries in this cozy environment.

Why with us?
We are one of the approved consultancies by Ministry of Education, Nepal and have two trained Educational Counsellors to provide the information pertaining studying in Japan. We operate our business ethically for the optimal service of students.

Eligibility To Study In Japan
  • Students should study Japanese Language in this Institution at least for 4 months (150 Hours)
  • Sponsor of the students must be financially capable.
Minimum Qualification
  • Below 26 Years of Age
  • Below 5 Years Education Gap
  • Intermediate Level of Education

Required Documents From The Applicants

  • All Academic Certificates and Transcripts
  • Original Citizenship, Its Photocopy and Its Language Translation
  • Original Passport
  • Recommended Letters from Past Campus, College, High School or Workplace
  • Certificates That Dictates Academic Gaps of the Student
  • Other Documents Upon Requirement

Required Documents From The Sponsor

  • Bank Balance Documents with Statement for 1 or 3 Years in a Row
  • Annual Income Documents for 3 Years in a Row
  • Letter of Experience from the Past Workplace
  • Company Registration Documents [If Your Sponsor Runs the Company]
  • Tax Clearance Documents for 3 Years in a Row
  • Documents Dictating the Relationship Between You and Your Sponsor
  • Letter From Your Sponsor

Application Procedure
  • Admission to Sizen Education Consultancy.
  • Student selection Exam ( will be conducted by School’s Representative from Japan)
  • Preparation of Necessary Documents or Documentation
  • Document Check/Translation and forward to Japan
  • Submission of applicant’s documents to the immigration of Japan
  • Get Letter of Eligibility from Immigration of Japan
  • Get Visa from Embassy of Japan in Nepal
  • Fly to Japan
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